ProcessClick – Your Agile BPM for Salesforce®


From the WebResults‘ expertise, here’s ProcessClick – Your Agile BPM for Salesforce®

With ProcessClick there’s no secret formula. The app manages your processes so that you can see them all in one place and with a clear vision. Storing processes on different systems and without clear identity puts your business/IT team at a disadvantage. That lacks a single, comprehensive view to govern and interact with processes.

Manage the process, not the people! (W. Edwards Deming)

As a BPM solution, ProcessClick empowers Salesforce with a process management vision, introducing a well-proved parading to design and implement business processes. Declarative and graphically configurable tools support the process lifecycle, reducing the gap between architect analysis and development results.

Superior process governance brings more awareness of what is in the system and how it is implemented. Information are centralized and visible with graphical design tools: this clearness in vision helps analysis, simplifies maintenance tasks and reduce errors, year over year.