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Work Health and Safety: T&CM Available on the AppExchange

Treviolo, 14 January – WebResults has released Training & Certification Manager, a new application developed on the Salesforce platform that provides Work Health and Safety managers and consultants with a tool able to help them keep track of all the training courses and certifications within the company.

The tool is based on the existing structure of the worldwide famous CRM system and further enhances its usability adding features to the mix: whether it’s for a required certification course for using certain machinery or a career-furthering series of optional trainings, this tool enables work health and safety managers to constantly monitor the situation in regards of employees training status and achieved licenses and certifications.

Being built upon the Salesforce infrastructure, this tool harnesses the power and flexibility of the #1 cloud CRM platform, taking advantage of its features and strenghts to deliver a reliable, secure and high-quality service for employees and courses management; with T&CM, work health and safety managers and consultants will always have the relevant information under control and at hand, and be able to supervise and organise employees training and career paths or act swiftly to appoint the right individual for the right job should the need arise.