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WebResults congratulates winners of Head of ECommerce 2014 contest

Milan, 16 June 2014 – WebResults congratulates winners of Head of E-commerce 2014 contest, promoted by NEXTVALUE, Assintel and Confcommercio. The contest held today in Milan, awarded the best Italian Head of e-commerce, top ranking managers of domestic and international companies.

Winners of the contest are:

  • Antonio Sciuto – Global Head of e-commerce Nestlè
    Who drove with success a multifunctional team with talented people form 16 different countries, to define and implement the global digitalization of Nestè bringing e-commerce to a key success factor for customer relationships in all key markets of the company.
  • Francesca Agusani – e-commerce Manager
    Who identified the optimal business model to renovate and develop the corporate worldwide e-commerce channel while building and a driving a digital in-house team with all the needed competences.
  • Chiara Terribili – e-commerce Executive
    Who succeeded in bringing online the Italian market e-shop of her company with determination and success in less than a year.
  • Vittorio Perrone – Senior director of e-commerce at
    Who successfully redesigned internal and external processes of’s e commerce channel and built a motivated team of more than 25 people that currently handle the company business.

Head of e commerce 2014 contest