Cloud Solutions

Our cloud computing partners

WebResults cloud portfolio includes the leading cloud computing providers. We offer Salesforce solutions, Heroku platform and Microsoft Azure products.

Cloud computing is changing the way you work

Cloud technologies are at the forefront of changing IT by providing infrastructure, platform or software as a service solutions that are offered through the internet. At WebResults we pioneerd ASP and SaaS models and adopted them for all of our projects and customers since their inception.

Cloud computing means that people no longer run applications or programs from software on their servers or computers in their building, but access the same kind of applications through a broadband connection wherever they are and on every device (a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or tablet).

Adopting a cloud computing solution brings many benefits in terms of:

  • FLEXIBILITY: applications can transparently scale to support more users or larger data storage. A cloud platform is designed from ground up to be scalable and modular and grows with your business completely on-demand. Furthermore, cloud computing services are typically pay as you go minimizing any upfront expenditure.
  • SOFTWARE UPGRADES: applications are continuously upgraded by the cloud computing provider relieving from maintenance tasks and providing state of the art features and performances. The continuous upgrade cycle grows the value of the solution much more than a traditional IT approach and with a lower TCO.
  • SECURITY: a cloud computing provider has dedicated resources and teams to address security and data protection and is certified by independent authorities to be standard compliant to international regulations and policies. Furthermore redundancy and backup are provided by default with guaranteed SLAs. A cloud computing solutions gives you a much higher level of security compared to an in-house IT solution.
  • MULTITENANCY: multiple users and multiple companies share the same hardware and same application running in the cloud. Such approach permits to deliver an optimized solution and a single rock solid application that has been designed from scratch to isolate users and data with guaranteed performances.