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Advanced Solutions

WebResults has partnered with carefully selected vendors to offer advanced solutions based on state of the art technologies to support your sales, marketing, or service processes. Our solutions are engineered to fully match the needs of your business and meet the requirements of an any organization: from mission critical applications to the support of small sales teams. We are certified partners of several vendors to support CRM, marketing automation, social interaction, Business Intelligence or other specific verticals applications such as HR, document management, CPQ, and retail and distribution.

We are on the AppExchange business app store

WebResults is listed on the AppExchange business app store, the marketplace for Salesforce certified partners. To visit the AppExchange business app store and see our featured applications and services click here.

Our offering

MISSION CRITICAL IMPLEMENTATIONS: WebResults offers to its customers the sound expertise of its developers and a proven record as system integrator, a key value that can be relied upon and trusted for a successful business development.
Our customers express their needs using their business process oriented jargon and our business analysts, working closely with them, interpret and transpose their requirements into tailored CRM development.
Our services are based on the Salesforce development framework and the Force.com platform. We have enhanced such framework with specialized tools to support large and significant projects permitting an agile response to evolving business processes, with superior maintainability and overall reduced costs.

SALES FORCE AUTOMATION is a traditional core activity for WebResults. Adopting Salesforce solutions allows to deliver to our customer a ready to use solution in no time, with minimal efforts and a few on the job training sessions. When required, we offer data cleansing of databases before importing to the cloud, and support for real-time or batch integrations with existing ERPs or legacy IT systems for a smooth migration.

SERVICE AND CUSTOMER CARE is a large umbrella including projects having a wider scope of application and supporting service processes. Service processes can be intended as any interaction of a user with the IT system or more specifically as processes involving customer service, or post sales operations. Contact centers are an integral part of such processes and we can support their operations whether based on traditional or VoIP PABXs with tight integration with databases and ticket support systems, offering a solution that gives a complete and real time view of the performance of the business at all levels of the organization.

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS are another field of application for Salesforce solutions. In-house teams or outsourced agencies can be supported while offering advanced contact technologies including phone and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as an additional engagement channel over voice, mail and fax.
Furthermore, WebResults is certified partner of Marketo, a leading solution provider focusing on marketing automation applications.

ANALYTICS is the approach and method that makes possible to interpret the raw data coming from the business processes of an organization and transform it into immediate information for evaluating performances, take corrective actions, and support decision makers.
Salesforce solutions provides best of breed tools to support all stages of a Business Intelligence (BI) or analytics approach: data mining, data consolidation, inferring analysis and algorithms, graphical presentation. Such tools offer graphical dashboards for an overall analysis of performances or specific drill down reports for an in-depth analysis of data in groups or at record level. Users with basic literacy can easily access such information and quickly master all the system features.
Whenever information may not be completely provided by Salesforce solutions, additional mechanisms may be identified or additionally rely to dedicated environments for BI applications such Gooddata, of which WebResults is a certified partner.