The Salesforce platform is the best-in-class solution to help companies of any size, across all industries achieve their goals. Whether you need to generate more leads, sell more efficiently, better service your customers on their path to success or achieve a 360° view on your company’s performances, the Salesforce suite of products has got you covered: ranging from marketing, to sales, to service, to analytics and even more, Salesforce products are the right solution for your needs.


The Sales Cloud solution is the perfect fit for companies that want to empower their sales teams by giving them a powerful tool to help become more efficient, close more deals and improve overall performance based on insightful and data-driven decisions.


Catering to the needs and requests of your customers in the right way is very important, but doing it the best way is even better. With the Service Cloud solution you can achieve real-time, always-on customer support that is personalized and adaptive to each customer’s request. Whether it’s an email, a comment on your site or a social post, you can be sure to be able to respond to your customers in real time with what they need.


The marketing environment is becoming more and more complex by the day: customers are always finding new ways to communicate and keep themselves informed. As the power has somehow shifted and now rests in the hands of customers, companies have to adapt and become able to reach out and engage with them in the right way. B2B organizations can leverage the power of the Pardot marketing automation solution to streamline marketing campaigns and have a full view on the sales funnel and ROI, while B2C companies can employ the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite to help them achieve personal, engaging conversations with their customers across all marketing channels.


The Wave Analytics Platform and apps are designed to give companies full power on their insights and data. Whether it’s for your sales and customer service teams or the company’s key stakeholders, with the Analytics range of products you are able to analyze all your data and drill down to the level of detail you need, create reports and dashboards to show trends and display the most important KPIs.


For more information on the complete range of Salesforce products, visit the main Salesforce website.


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