WebResults is certified partner of Marketo

WebResults has signed a strategic partnership with Marketo, the award winning platform for marketing automation and lead management. This partnership is aimed to improve and widen the range of services offered by WebResults to its customers, so that they might improve their marketing efforts by driving better results.


Marketo’s Features

Made by marketers for marketers, Marketo is a cloud plaform for marketing automation that can be summed up in three characteristics:

Marketo is easy to use, letting those who are experts in marketing but not proficient with IT to take full advantage of the software, without having to ask IT department for help every time. The simple and intuitive interface will let you create, manage and launch digital marketing campaigns easily, not forgetting the dynamism intrinsic to marketing.

Marketo is powerful. Today’s marketing sets many challenges, and to address and overcome them you need the right solution: with Marketo you will be able to manage your marketing activities accurately across channels, you can segment your database to better manage communications and have at your disposal highly precise reports that will help you understand your current situation and the path to follow in the future.

Most of all, Marketo is complete. Using Marketo you will be able to handle a multitude of channels (email, web, social, events, …) and create a coordinated and precise communication, letting you involve and interact with your current and prospective customers. Marketo doesn’t stop here though: its native integration with various CRM systems (eg. Salesforce CRM) will let even sales benefit from the solution and have access to all information gathered by marketing, in order to create a better and more meaningful relationship with the customer.

Marketo editions differ from one another based on database size and additional features, but you will always have at your disposal a software capable of:

  • CREATE EMAILS, FORMS AND LANDING PAGES: with an intuitive and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor you can create all the assets you need for your marketing campaigns.
  • SCORE AND NURTURE LEADS: Marketo will let you “cultivate” your prospect in order to better understand those who are most interested in what you have to say; furthermore, with a highly customizable scoring system based both on demographics and behaviors, you can segment those prospects based on their level of engagement, and pass on to sales only the leads that are ready to buy.
  • INTEGRATE WITH CRM: Marketo can seamlessly connect in a bi-directional way with various CRM solutions, such as Salesforce CRM, Mirosoft Dynamics CRM. This way all your data will always be up to date, and both marketing and sales can work easily without invading each other’s space.
  • PRODUCE REPORTS: measure the results of your actions is always important; with Marketo’s reports you will be able to understand which campaigns and content are driving better results, which need to be adjusted or abandoned, and most of all you can easily deduce marketing ROI in order to have clear and unique feedback on your efforts.