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Integrate Salesforce CRM and Google Apps with Cirrus Insight

WebResults is a partner of Cirruspath, Inc. and recommends Cirrus Insight to its clients for best-in-class integration of Salesforce CRM with Gmail and Google Apps.

But what is Cirrus Insight exactly, and now can it help you?

Connect Salesforce CRM and Google Apps

Simply put, Cirrus Insight serves as a bridge between your Salesforce CRM and your Google Apps, allowing you to connect the two systems and create a seamless stream of data. Cirrus Insight supports:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Drive

and lets the user operate on the CRM directly from one of the apps mentioned before. This is undoubtely a precious asset in terms of time savings and control over the process of lead inserting and updating, allowing the managing of leads and opportunities information without having to switch back and forth between the systems and removing the risk of data loss or delay.

Cirrus Insight screenshot

Features detail

Cirrus Insight operates mainly from a sidebar in the Gmail dashboard, where you can:

  • have an at-a-glance view of all your contacts information present in Salesforce CRM, including (but not limited to) info on Opportunities and Cases related to that person;
  • log emails and attachments (even from Google Drive) to Salesforce CRM, and keep constant track of the openings with precise information of who opened the email, when, where and from what device;
  • sync Salesforce CRM and Google Contacts and Calendars, keeping all information always up to date and even adding new contacts or modifying existing ones directly from your Gmail or Contacts interface;
  • view and edit information regarding your leads, contacts, opportunities, cases and more directly from your mobile device, and make sure data is always up to date;
  • Create and manage Salesforce Cases, Tasks and Opportunities from your inbox

Cirrus Insight Screenshot 2

In short, Cirrus Insight is a very valuable tool for those companies and sales teams who need to be constantly connected with their CRMs and have data always available and updated; our customers have successfully employed Cirrus Insight to help them with their day-to-day activities, reduce data loss and delay in communications and improve the relationship with their customers.