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WebResults annuncia ProcessClick a Salesforce Essentials Milano 2017

Milano, 30 maggio – WebResults presenta oggi a Salesforce Essentials Milano il suo nuovo applicativo ProcessClick, disponibile su AppExchange.

ProcessClick è un framework di process automation che supporta il set-up e l’implementazione di processi di business complessi sulla platform di Salesforce.

System Integrator e Operation Manager possono beneficiare nella progettazione, integrazione, esecuzione, controllo e manutenzione dei processi aziendali impiegando ProcessClick.

La suite specializzata di strumenti point and click consente di guidare il ciclo di vita completo di ciascun processo di business configurato con l’applicazione. Il lavoro specifico di programmazione che caratterizza ogni processo opera sotto il controllo del framework permettendo quindi implementazioni stabili caratterizzate da un’elevata manutenibilità. Inoltre, un meccanismo a livello di piattaforma riduce i requisiti di latenza e di larghezza di banda consentendo prestazioni elevate nelle integrazioni con sistemi esterni.

WebResults ha distillato la propria esperienza decennale nella realizzazione di progetti mission critical in una soluzione industry indipendent che permette di strutturare il codice in modelli di design replicabili ed organizzare i processi in modo ordinato.

ProcessClick è un’applicazione completamente nativa Salesforce ed è disponibile su AppExchange.


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Italy, May 30, 2017 – WebResults today announced it has launched ProcessClick on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. ProcessClick is a process automation framework for supporting organizations in the set-up and implementation of complex business processes.

Built on the Salesforce platform, ProcessClick is currently available on the AppExchange at

 ProcessClick Key Features

System Integrator teams and Operation Managers can benefit from ProcessClick in the design, integration, execution, enforcement and maintenance of business processes.

  • Phase Transition Matrix: The specialized suite of point and click tools allows to configure and drive the complete lifecycle of each business process. The specific programming work that characterizes each process operates underneath the point and click framework, thus providing robust implementation with superior maintainability. Further elements derived from this architecture are the Compatibility Matrix and the Service Catalog.
  • High performance Integrations: A platform level mechanism for selective call-outs reduces latency and bandwidth requirements in integrations with external systems.

 Comments on the New

  • “We distilled our ten years’ expertise in delivering mission critical projects for Energy and Utilities companies into an industry independent solution for the implementation of complex business processes” said Alessandro Plebani, CTO of WebResults. “ProcessClick is a fundamental tool for organizations such as Utilities and Telcos”.
  • Everyone and everything is getting smarter and more connected than ever before, and companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees,” said Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, WebResults provides customers with an exciting new way to implement and maintain complex business processes in enterprise applications”.

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About WebResults

Founded in 1999 with the mission of developing web browser based software applications, WebResults implements tailored CRM solutions mainly for energy, telco, media and manufacturing companies. WebResults experience is fundamental in the design and implementation cycle of large and mission critical projects. The development tools adopted in such projects permits to deliver greater linearity and stability with significant benefits in the coding phase and maintenance.

WebResults is Salesforce partner since 2004, has 80 professionals and €5.3m revenues and a 35%YoY growth (FY16).

Since 2015 WebResults is a subsidiary company of the Engineering Group (, Italian leader in software and Information Technology services, counting approx. 9,000 employees and 3,000 people in related activities, 50 sites distributed in Italy and abroad, and consolidated revenue portfolio in 2016 of €935m.

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