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The Gefran Success Story From the Event “Multicanalità e CRM per la Customer Experience”

Treviolo, 24 june -the event “Multicanalità e CRM per la Customer Experience”, hosted by ASAP where we participated along with our Gefran success story, was an interesting moment to learn more and share insights on the ever-increasing and important topic of customer experience as a way to increase the company’s ROI.

From the data presented by the University of Brescia and ASAP SMF emerges that, in view of a perceived shift in the consumers’ buyer behaviour (both in B2B and B2C), companies still can’t act effectively on a high number of channels. In this context apps and social media are the less used channels, whereas email, website and contact center still occupy the top spots; however it should be noted that there is a general trend, especially among larger companies, towards a full-fledged investment that should allow companies to take full advantage of different channels in a more balanced and consistent way, thus succeeding in engaging customers – current or potential – in a true multichannel experience. At the root of this there is the need of having a CRM platform that is able to give the company precious information on its leads, contacts and opportunities that are always up to date, acting as the main interface between information flows coming from different channels and the company itself.

We took part in the event as technological partner alongside our success story of Gefran, that presented its experience in adopting the Salesforce CRM platform in all the company’s branches.

Davide Bettera, IT Manager of the multinational company, illustrated the process that brought the company to adopting a single CRM to manage sales processes all over the world; the need of Gefran for a centralized system derives exactly from the high number of branch offices in the world and their situation of substantial mutual “isolation”, that led each country to have its own data and lead management system without the headquarters having the power to control information flows in a structured and centralized way. Furthermore, the company employed different sowftares (CRM, ERP, document managemenet, …) to carry out various activities, and this further enhanced the issue of loss of data and information.

With the adoption of Salesforce CRM , Gefran began a data unification and centralizaiton process, gradually substituting the CRMs used by each country with a shared platform where all data – like leads, contacts and opportunities – were to flow into; this allowed the company to have an unprecedented visibility over all branch offices through a single multi-language and multi-currency platform, to be able to create personalized reports and dashboards and to better align sales processes based on the available information.

Today, Gefran is successfully using Salesforce CRM across all its offices in 15 countries in the world.

Gefran Salesforce Adoption