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.NET 5 goes Open Source, supports both Mac OS and Linux

Connect()—12-13 November 2014—is the Microsoft virtual event for developers, in which key influencers unveil up and coming technologies. Here we present just few out of the most relevant:

.NET 5

The .NET software framework, developed by Microsoft, spans a history of thirteen  years of production stage and counts approximately ten major releases. With release 5, it will reach a major turning point in its history by  becoming, open source. This means, in more practical terms, that it will be possible to ship customized versions of the core itself. Moreover, this entire ecosystem will exposed to the community for both analysis and contribution.


ASP is the Microsoft response to the necessity of dynamic, cheap to develop, server-side HTML computation. ASP .NET 5 is the latest and newest release of the product, and it accomplishes a major goal its evolution: the support for both Linux and Mac OS platforms. At time of writing, one third of the web is served by Windows Server, while the remaining two thirds by *nix based systems. So, with its fifth release, ASP.NET based websites will be capable to run on almost any web server on the planet.

Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a full-featured IDE for developing the newest Microsoft cross-platform technologies—iOS and Android are included. This offer targets non-enterprise developers—non-profits, open-source developers or students—at no cost. This basically differs from the current Express editions offer, by being full-functional/Pro-like and expandable.